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  • John Hays

Breaking Ground: Habitat for Humanity Finishing 7 Homes!

Chris Kemmerly, Miramonte Homes' Principal/CEO is pictured here with Charlie Buchanan, Habitat Tucson's CEO.

The biggest thank you we could possibly imagine to Chris Kemmerly, CEO of Miramonte Homes, LLC. He along with Borderland Construction, Desert Earth Contracting, and Richard Studwell made the generous decision to gift the land on Valor Drive in support of our mission.

This land now hosts 7 homes under construction. Most of the walls for these homes were raised last Saturday in honor of the late First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

Because of the partnership of generous people like Chris, 7 local Tucson families will move into their forever homes next year. The gift of this land could make the difference in whether kids go to college; whether families can save for a rainy day; whether grandmothers can provide a roof over their grandchildren's' heads; and whether young people establish their careers in Tucson or elsewhere.

This major impact in the lives of people in need simply would not be possible without Chris as well as Borderland Construction, Desert Earth Contracting, and Richard Studwell.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with Habitat and supporting people in need of a "hand up."

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