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Chad Hunley

Chief Financial Officer

In 2017, Miramonte welcomed Chad Hunley to the Miramonte Executive Team as Chief Financial Officer. With over 25 years of accounting and finance experience in real estate related industries such as self-storage, multi-family, commercial properties and most recently a luxury golf resort residential development, Chad’s experience will assist Miramonte as it continues its growth as one of the state’s largest private homebuilders.

With additional expertise in operations related areas such as integration of accounting and business systems focused on improved efficiencies and transparency of financial reporting; Chad also lends his experience to business development and operations. Chad’s willingness to be involved in all aspects of a business has provided him with a unique understanding of information flow, benefitting both the business and accounting process.

By joining the Miramonte team, Chad returned to Tucson where he has been a 35 year resident and an alumnus of The University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

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