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Ernie Feavel

V.P of Construction  |  Northern Arizona Division

Ernie Feavel was born in Appleton, Wisconsin. He began working for his father’s home building company at the age of 14, starting as a laborer. During this time, he learned the value of hard work and gained a deep understanding of the commitment to quality.

He was mentored and had a strong desire to learn and master every trade associated with the construction process, including reading and understanding blueprints, building layout, and job completion. He specialized in framing and trim carpentry.

With 37 years of experience as a Superintendent, Project Manager, and VP of several companies, Ernie has been involved in every aspect of construction, ranging from land development, single-family homes, custom homes, and condominiums to large-scale apartment complexes, adult retirement living complexes, and commercial buildings. He has worked in multiple states, including Wisconsin (WI), Arizona (AZ), North Dakota (ND), Texas (TX), and Nevada (NV), completing projects totaling between 600-700 million dollars to date.

Ernie possesses a comprehensive understanding of building codes and is well-versed in the means and methods of both civil and building construction. He approaches challenges and adversity with a proactive attitude, focusing on finding solutions instead of making excuses to ensure projects progress smoothly. His motto is, "Bring me a concern, and I will find a solution."

Ernie consistently builds strong relationships with city officials, building inspectors, subcontractors, and all personnel involved in each project. His approach emphasizes effective communication and coordination, essential principles that he employs to establish these relationships and to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. His integrity and reliability are highly respected by the various city building departments and subcontractors he has collaborated with throughout the years.

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